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My primary focus centers on accessibility within web development. At Qmatic, I lead and build projects with a keen emphasis on crafting solutions that not only look impressive but also adhere to the highest standards of accessibility. In my downtime, you will find me immersed in rock climbing, reading, and raiding in World of Warcraft.

  1. Qmatic

    Software Developer

    I work on the frontend for the 'Experience Cloud' solution using Vue and TypeScript. I refine our design system with Storybook, creating reusable components for seamless and engaging user interfaces. My work on the Experience Cloud provides insights into modern web technologies, fueling a passion for delivering user experiences that blend aesthetics with functionality.

  2. Lync & Co

    Frontend Web Developer

    At Lynk & Co I optimized the site's customer journey using React. Collaborating with design and back-end teams, I enhanced site features, refining my skills in React and creating user-friendly, responsive web application.

  3. Vision A Unity

    Frontend Developer

    As a Frontend Developer intern, I crafted a Progressive Web App (PWA) with Ionic React. Using React Three Fiber and ThreeJS, I incorporated a 3D model, simplifying doctor's appointment booking through a .NET API. This project deepened my understanding of modern web development, honing my skills in React and ThreeJS.

  4. IT- Högskolan

    Vocational Degree

    Graduated specializing in Frontend Development.

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